securities attorney

About investment and finding the securities attorney

Investment is an activity where instead of leaving the hard-earned money idle in a savings account, you can invest in stocks, equities, mutual funds, or more.

While investing in these there may be chances where a broker or other entities can involve in investment fraud, thus losing your savings. The securities attorney  comes in helpful in such cases. There are many investment fraud attorney firms to help you to regain the money lost by fraud.

securities attorney

How to choose Investment fraud lawyers?

  • Depending on their experience and how familiar the firm is with the financial industry.
  • Firms with experience can anticipate the broker strategies and prepare the defense.
  • Firm’s record on how much success rate in recovering the money lost by fraud.
  • Fees the firm charges for the services rendered is also very important.

Signs of investment fraud:

  • No licenses or certification.
  • Complex or not clear descriptions of investment returns.
  • Unrealistic and unbelievable guarantee on returns in a short period.
  • Avoiding documentation is also one sign.
  • As soon as you sense fraud, document as much as you can regarding the fraud and approach the investment fraud attorney to help you further.

Variable Annuity issues:             

  • This is one type of investment that is normally said to be difficult to understand how it works.
  • A variable annuity is a retirement account that may not be suitable for many investors.
  • Many investors, brokers recommend variable annuity because it can pay higher commissions for the investment made when compared to other securities.
  • To make the customer invest in a variable annuity, brokers tend to provide misinformation, misguide the customers with false information on returns as well as risks.
  • There may be other cases where they may recommend the unnecessary investment of already existing annuity to generate more commissions.
  • Brokers fail to inform customers that variable annuity has a long holding period and it may take time to get returns.
  • It is also one of the expensive methods.
  • These come with high surrender charges if the investment is withdrawn in the early period.
  • In many cases, investors imply that variable annuity is a safe investment.
  • They also lure customers with insurance coverages, tax waivers, and more which may not be required for the customers.
  • The document is often drafted with complex language which will prevent the customers from knowing the real fact.
  • Since this a retirement investment, elderly people will require access to money at various faces which is not suitable for them.
  • Penalties of early withdrawal are also explained in complex terms which makes the customers difficult to understand.

Unauthorized trading:

  • This is also one type of investment where the financial advisor or broker makes transactions without your knowledge.
  • These transactions involve a huge amount of transactions.
  • Transactions happen without investor knowledge if no formal consent is given to the broker to manage the account.
  • Approaching the investment fraud lawyers can help you in many ways to regain your money in terms of fraud.