Hotels that are good in Mauritius

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Mauritius is just off the Indian ocean known for its beautiful beaches, shallow water sports, and lagoons. Everyone who has a list of places they want to travel to either has this place on it already or they must add it to the list. The tropical environment with warm beaches almost all year, tropical fauna that makes many places look like a joke, and the amazing hospitality of the natives living there. Mauritius is filled with people of all ethnicities and races and they all treat tourists with so much love and harmony after all tourism is one of the main thriving points of Mauritius’ economy. Now when you travel to places that make you feel like you are in heaven you cannot just live in a hotel that feels like you are living in an excuse of a hotel, you need to live in a place that makes you feel like you are already in heaven and there are so many of these so-called “heavenly” 5-star luxurious hotels in Mauritius that they can be worth the trip if that is the only place you look in the whole country.

Mauritius hotels are so luxurious that your whole perspective would be changed when you hear the word 5-star in your life and you will start reminiscing your moments in those hotels. They are packed with whole islands made for golf fields, world-class kitchens with amazing professional chefs, and the queen of England herself said she loved the hotels they have in Mauritius which really means that there is something special going on here. Now they are not like underwater hotels like the one in Dubai and when it comes down to its hotels in Mauritius cannot compete with them but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy every single second you spend in here. Once you walk in you will be addicted to it like a bee to honey. We have compiled a list of hotels for you to go over and plan the next trip that you will be taking to this place and have the best time of your life. Now the list will detail everything we can but there is no perfect choice here, every hotel has some special feature and there is a reason why it is on this list but you need to decide this for yourself where you want to stay location wise and what matters the most to you because no one ever plans their trip just to stay in a hotel so maybe this list can help you narrow down the possibilities of your next stay.


  • One & Only Le Saint Geran


Location – Pointe de Flacq

The best spot on the island this hotel has a whole mile of the white and sandy beach under its roof (not literally) is one of the oldest hotels in Mauritius.

If you are visiting to have fun on the beach, then hands down this is the best hotel out of all the other options. There are features like ambassador suites, infinity pools, cuisine by chef Marc de Passorio. The prices when you look at it are reasonably well and what you are getting is a deal that can be explained as cents on a dollar kind of deal.

  1. La Maison d’Ete

Location – Poste Lafayette

Rooms built over beautiful rocks facing the luscious sea this hotel is filled with amazing art which makes it a hotel worth spending a night in. when you book a room in this hotel you will have the best time in your life with your partner because of how romantic the room and its setting are, you can go out sit near the beach and at night the place lights up and takes a whole new shape. Weekly yoga sessions, amazing buffet, and spa that takes away all your worries.

  1. Oberoi

Location – Turtle Bay, Pointe aux Piments, Mauritius

Arguably the most romantic hotel in our list, when you feel like you need a romantic retreat with your partner and you plan on going to Mauritius this place is definitely worth staying. 20-acre gardens filled with sculptures and tropical plants, pooled villas with marble-lined baths. This is just as royal as it gets in a hotel and if you visit this place with your better half you will remember it for the rest of your life. One other factor that makes this place worth staying is how closely it is located to the national park of Mauritius, Turtle Bay.

  1. Bubble Lodge

Location – Société Usinière de, Bois Cheri, Mauritius

Now this is where one of the most creative minds can be seen at play with how they are trying to make sure that customers are having a real reconnection with mother nature. When you look into the room you will see a roof that is entirely made of glass and the room is more of a dome at the edge of the lake and outside the room is nature itself. You can stargaze and spend your nights in awe or have the best shower which by the way is open-air.

  1. Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa

Location – Coastal Road, Trou d’Eau Douce, Mauritius

Now serving the best, at last, this resort is really worthy of being called a resort because of how big it is, when you look it up online you will find that this place has its own five beaches, two private islands and makes other hotels look like a joke. Each room has its own private butler waiting for your orders 24/7 and has the most amazing room service compared to any other hotel. Complementary oils massages that soothe the mind as well as the soul and provide the best restaurant for you to dine in. this place will make you feel like a king/queen of the world and when it comes to the big bucks when you stay at a place like this you can bet your sweet tushy it is worth it.