How To Hit a Dab The Right Way

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With the increasing advancements in experiencing the world better, we have discovered ways to significantly increase the dabbing experience. But, first of all, for the new users who do not know about our website let me just explain everything to you in simple ways. Dabbing is using the concentrated saps, extracted oils, or vaporized plant leaves made by solvents and extraction of chemical compounds in the plants. The products made are goopy oils and resin-like consistency saps referred to as plant wax, shatter or budder. These are referred to as Dabs and the practice of using these products using things like rigs is called ‘Dabbing’. These products (Dabs) are heated on a hot surface (typically a nail or something like that) and then inhaled using a dab rig ( a specially designed glass product that is generally used for the process of inhaling the dabs safely, example – recycler dab rig).

Let’s start with simple instructions on how to do dabbing, let’s call it basics. First of all, heat your nail with a torch (lighter on low heat) until the nail is visibly hot. Then you can place the glass dome over the nail and let it cool for about 15-20 seconds. After this, apply the concentrate (dab) inside the nail while slowly inhaling. And then the last step, EXHALE! That’s it essentially how we do dabbing. But there is more to this than just these simple crucial steps, and we will explain everything to you right now. To make your dabbing experience much better than it is right now we are here with few tips that are easy to follow.

  1. Never take huge Dabs at a single time

Dabbing is much different than other typical ways of smoking so you should always be careful with how much you use at a single time. It has a really different effect on people which is much stronger. There is a reason why these are called concentrates and warn that it is much more potent than normal plants. new users should always start with small doses than when you feel comfortable you can take a bit more after some time.

  1. Keep your rig tidy

It doesn’t matter what rig you are using, it can be a recycler dab rig or even the one in Rick and Morty dab rig, you can never be too careful about keeping your rigs clean and tidy since that is what ruins the dabbing experience. If you don’t clean your rig regularly then the residue which might be left from the last time will ruin your day and might even be harmful to inhale those.

It’s not just about you being hygienic, keeping your rig clean will always make the smoke flavor like new and Dab will feel much better quality even if it is the same one you used last time. Since eventually, you will have to clean the rig because of the residual being collected if you don’t wash it on time will make cleaning really frustrating after its due.

  1. Dab using a low temperature

During your research, you will have stumbled across stories where they explain how they messed up and were having chest pain and foul experience after experimenting with high temperatures. This is a pretty common mistake every amateur makes when they start dabbing and to keep your dabbing experience better and much safer, we will explain everything you should not do.

Never dab using high temperatures since that is not the main reason the plant concentrates might combust and that is not the chemical we want to drive since that is smoke of burning not the one, we want with flavor and neat experience. You should always let the nail cool down a bit which is essentially the most crucial thing we can say to you because high-temperature combustion destroys the terpenes which are the organic part of the plants that are unique to it and generates flavor only when heated slowly.

  1. Try using a Carb Cap

A carb cap is a dabbing accessory that is used to cover the top of your nail or budder once you have dropped the dab on it. This helps in restricting the airflow which in turn keeps the heat inside and also helps with making the flavor in the smoke enhanced. Keeping the cap on makes the temperature lower than boiling point and lower pressure zone which in turn generates a thick, full of flavor smoke which has more hit to it.

  1. Try Using a Quartz Nail

You should also experiment with different rig styles. With the increasing popularity every person is coming up with new designs and people are making those in reality (like the recycler dab rig or the Rick and Morty dab rig) which makes the experience more fun and unique for them. But some bangers have a unique property which depends more on what they are made out of like the Quartz nail which makes the hit more concentrated and safer since the smoke is so pure and full of flavor taking the dabbing to a whole new level.

  1. Always use gloves

Some people don’t like this but using gloves is always better since it’s not just to make the experience better but also from a safe side it is always advised that you should use gloves. The sticky slimy concentrate( which is the reason for the extreme flavor) that you put on the nail which is hot might seem nothing but when you actually do it its much more complicated and first-timers should always be careful about it. Also, if you touch the dab always ruins the flavor which will make your experience not worthwhile. So always keep your experience as better as it can be and use gloves.

Now that you know a lot better about the Dabbing and have a few tricks up your sleeve you should try these out and always be safe since it’s not just about dabbing better it’s also about being healthy and safe enough to do it again.