Tips to choose the best stairs for your home

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Staircases not only are an important functional part of a home, but it also serves greatly in making your house look better and more sophisticated, that is if you choose your staircase properly. When choosing stairs, you need to be really careful about the fact if it serves its purpose properly and is not taking more space than it needs to. The design of the stairs you choose closely reflects your house design and its ambiance. That is why it is so important to be careful about which staircase you are buying. Imagine having a beautiful ceramic floor that looks so beautiful and has an off white shade to it, now you can’t just put a black color metal staircase with no to little design to it. This is why you need to be careful about picking the staircases.

Each staircase has its own unique design and you can say has a soul that is unique to it,  when installed in your house the design needs to be in rhythm with the interior which is crucial for making your house look good. if you are looking to get a staircase for your home, I am pretty sure you have gone through quite a few designs but deciding the staircase is really difficult for a few reasons.

They come in so many different shapes that people get confused about which one will look better, the mistake they all make is the fact that they are trying to picture the staircase installed in their home and thinking if it looks good. This approach is good when the options are limited and have its own perks but there is a better approach for finding the perfect fit of staircases for your home. You can try imagining staircases in your house which goes well with your design and then properly visualize it. Think which things would look good and which won’t. What design should it be, should you go with the spiral ones or the single curve or just straight stairs. Should you go with wooden staircases (this highly depends on what kind of flooring you have) or some other stairs. You have to carefully analyze your homes’ color scheme and try to make sure that the color of stairs doesn’t pop up as odd, it should stubbly mix in with the rest of the houses’ color scheme.

Consulting a stair manufacturer is crucial and can really help speed up the progress of finding the perfect fit for your home so what I recommend is you should, first of all, make sure that you have the picture of the home in your mind and the place where the stairs will be. Keep the color scheme, the space available, and design you want in mind when you go see a stair manufacturer. There are few other things you can keep in mind while selecting the stairs for your dream house which we will discuss in detail here. You have to make sure you are selecting the right design. There are numerous designs you can see; you can find a stair manufacturer who will help you in going through all the designs there are.

Spiral stairs are the most commonly built stairs. These are perfect for houses that are packed and do not have much space for big staircases. The best thing about these is that most of the time you can see the pre-built versions of these stairs which can be easily found with a stair manufacturer who keeps these at hand for the sole purpose of showing those to customers. From a financial point of view when you buy a new house, it will be really difficult to spend a fortune on stairs and spiral stairs surprisingly have a really low cost which certainly makes some people happy.

The material used in making those stairs is also crucial and goes hand in hand with the interior design and pattern you are going with. Like we explained above with the ceramic floor and metallic stair example, you can not just put stairs made of any material on a floor that does not go with it. People usually try to cheap out on this part but if you put effort and buy the right material for the stair you will feel blessed once they are done. There are many materials which you can look at like hardwood, steel, aluminum, and sometimes even ceramic tiles. You can combine these or just use a single base material; it is highly dependent on the surroundings and its design.

One more thing to think about is whether you are going to buy a knocked-down kit or a complete one-piece unit. Complete one-piece options can be seen beforehand at the stair manufacturer and they will show you everything in it, one more thing to keep in mind is that they are more durable than knocked down ones. Knocked downs are easier to ship and are much cheaper when compared to the conventional one-piece options. Knocked down kits start around 400$ and can go as high as 3000-4000$ depending on the design and length of the stairs.

You should always check with the local department and make sure that the local code matches the national standards since sometimes there can be hiccups in the depth and overall design. National standards do have a minimum depth and width for safety purposes along with a standard size for railings which you need to keep in mind while choosing stairs. If you don’t check these things beforehand you can get a fine which, let’s be honest, no one wants. Choosing the right staircase can be a difficult task if you have no knowledge about them that is why I have recommended and will say again that you should see a stair manufacturer before taking any decisions and ask him what he thinks about your initial plan then and only then you will be able to get stairs that look good and match the rhythm of your dream house.