Tips to Promote your Website using Google Images

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Emerging technology & trends made human life fast and easy. You should have better & effective ways to properly optimize or promote your website with the world-famous Search engine optimization practices. There are lots of tricks to optimize your website by building up some posts and the usage of any sort of file i.e. Audio and video. As time passes, it’s your responsibility to get updated with the latest information & processes. To know more, some important tips are outlined in this article that is used to promote your website with the help of Google images

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Do you want to promote your business as well as a website up to the next level, then you need to consider these following tips. A recent survey revealed that this tool is used by numerous individuals to get better results:

Tip 1. Image filename: It’s important to adjust the overall image format to get a better view of Google. For example, The file name i.e. ‘Training tips.jpg’ gets better results as compared to your fresh camera clicked image. That is why rename every file you want to promote over Google images. This may produce better results in the form of high keyword-optimized variation before it gets uploaded on the website.

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Tip 2. Usage of Image keyword: Similarly, you can boost up the overall promotion process and also increase the probability of the better optimization of the usage of the file’s keyword over the website. It usually target those images that will be displayed in the Google Images

Two ways to perform this involving:

1. Insertion of the ALT tag on every image

2. Write the content of your image in the content section.

These specific components effectively contribute to the optimization process. But the main thing that you often keep in your mind is the involvement of the specific keyword. We have often seen that search engine bots always target or index those web pages that are packed with catchy keywords and attractive titles.

Tip 3. Format of Image: Image format plays a very important role to produce effective results. In a statement by Google, it has been exposed that Google bots prioritized not a single type of image format. Google is able to index numerous sites including BMP, jpg and png. If your image has these formats then it is effectively used in the Image listings. Famous SEO experts believed that File.jpg format is the most effective one that produces greater outcomes in the Google Image results.  It is best suited & well supported by all the search engines and web browsers.

Tip 4. Image Size: Image file with appropriate size can be indexed easily and produce greater results. Better is the Image size, greater will be its results. All SEO professionals concluded that if you upload all the shrank or compressed images onto your website then, It may reduce the overall site load time.

Tip 5. Image Quality: You don’t any professional individual to do this, although you can do it on your own by following these steps:

  1. Image resolution
  2. Make use of basic editing tools