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In this world, many habits kill our bodies slowly or suddenly. In that, the cigarette is one of the essential things that destroy our body more. The person who smells that cigarette smoke also gets affected slowly, and that smoke kills the non-smoker. In the world, 1.2 million non- smoker died because they had smelled that smoke daily. Therefore, most of the country ban cigarette products. At the same time, the e-cigarette has been introduced in the market. An E-cigarette is an electronic cigarette; it’s a fireless product. These types of cigarettes were first introduced in the US because the company has located in the same. So they can quickly sell the product to people to check the reviews and get their feedback. The product name is Juul, and that is called an e-cigarette. Most of the country bans the Juul product. Likewise, has also forbidden the juul australia  products since it is an illegal product to people in Australia.


juul australia

In 2005 juul was introduced in the market. Juul has first named as bloom, and it is called an e-cigarette. Adam Bowen and James Monsees were the people who developed that electronic cigarette. They both started the business with the same name itself. Due to economic issues, they sold the company to Pax Labs later that they named Juul Labs, and it was founded on May 22, 2015. Juul electronic cigarettes were introduced in the market in June 2015. Juul labs and Pax labs separated in July 2017, and they become an independent company. After the separation, the former CEO of Pax lab became the CEO of Juul. Goldman replaces Kevin Burns. CPO and CTO are James Monsees and Adam Bowen and also the co-founders. The company increased the employee’s numbers in huge during the period of 2018 and the numbers from 200 to 1500 employees.

While the product becomes more popular in the world, they started the branch in china and manufactured the e-cigarette. E-CIGARETTE is made in a pod and developed in the US only. The product had reached more value in the market and raised the income to $650 million. In 2018, 35% shared sold to the Altria company, and it was the world’s largest cigarette company. After buying the company shares, the Juul became more popular in the world while compared to previous years. In 2019, they brought a building for company usage in San Fransisco for $400 million. United States government investigates the company for a business deal with Altria. The investigation becomes more due to a lack of inappropriate documents. The committee finds that the company violates FDA regulations. The company claimed that the product helps to stop smoking. In 2019, Kevin Burns resigned the position, and KC Crosthwaite takes over the role of CEO. In 2019, Altria Company announced that it made an investment of about$4.5 billion in its 3rd quarter results. It shows that the company made a huge impact quickly, and it’s not simple to get its prominent place in the world’s market. They made a big decision soon so that only they became more popular in the world. Assured that the company will gain more income and more popular in the future.